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Why does Compression and Shapewear make you FEEL GOOD?

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Why does Compression and Shapewear make you FEEL GOOD?

From the dawn of time we have been WRAPPING ourselves in comfort.

Example:  you’re curled up on the couch, perusing the internet or watching Netflix, thinking somethings missing, like the cozy warmth that you oh-so-long for. Then you grab a blanket and tuck-in … and there! There’s the warmth and coziness that was missing. Now, it almost feels like being in your mother’s warm embrace!

No wonder adult wrapping is the new craze in town! After all, who doesn’t want to throw it back to their happy childhood, aka; Baby Bliss, every now and then? So, this Bliss (the feeling of comfort and safety) is what we are achieving with compression wear?  Yes, it is and its Scientific! Read on! 


Baby Wrapping Shapewear

Swaddling a baby makes them calm and comfortable because it provides them with a soft pressure around their whole body.  In recent studies, Occupational Therapists’ reported the use of sensory and adaptive approaches, such as wearing a pressure garment, increases attention and promotes adaptive behaviors in children with ADHD.  Research shows that 'Deep touch pressure' produces a calming effect on children with psychiatric disorders, giving way to compression clothing being used for kids with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD), Autism and Rett syndrome as a therapeutic garment.  Compression wear, therefore is now a known choice to control anxiety and aid kids with special needs to focus and learn better.

Even Weighted Blankets are proven to be a healthy way to sleep better... so whats this all about? Weight, pressure, hugs.. bring it on baby!!  

Japanese wrapping shapewear compression

WRAP YOUR ADULT SELF: The latest lunchtime crazy sweeping the nation is adults wrapping themselves up in a breathable cloth for a total rejuvenation therapy. This treatment known as Otona Maki, or adult wrapping, was invented by Japanese midwife Nobuko Watanabe. The technique is said to 'reset' the body to its youthful flexibility. A quick session, wrapped in the fetal position and rocked to baby bliss, for 20 minutes is said to improve one’s flexibility and posture, alleviate aches and pains and remarkably reduce stress. 

Anyone heard of a HUG…..? Only rolled up in a ball and it goes on a bit longer. I hope these people aren’t claustrophobic though!  .. OK, Sign me up! 

NY POST article.

We're not Horsing around! 

compression wraps shapewear

In animals, the tickle of a fly landing on the skin may cause a cow to kick, but the firm touch of the farmer's hands quiets her. An innovative new compression suit is now available for race horses, commonly known to be high-strung and injury prone animals.  Similar to athletes the use of graduated compression stockings, tights and socks, these four-legged athletes benefit from the compression as well.  Especially if a horse is susceptible to soft tissue injuries, muscle tears and high strung, this suit aids a horse who is standing in a horse box for hours en route to a show or race, optimizing the horse’s blood circulation, and calming their demeanor. Protecting against more injury, sore muscles and shortening recovery time, very much like compression garments for athletes.

Wait MOM don't leave me! 

compression warp shapewear

Anxiety compression wraps for stressed out, or high strung, dogs are also available. These coat like canine wraps distribute pressure around the back and sides of a dog’s chest, serving as a calming “hug”. Scientifically, gentle pressure releases chemicals called endorphins that promote a sense of well-being. That’s why stroking a dog firmly and slowly calms him down while a quick pat on the head gets them all revved up.



compression shape shapewear

Athletes wear compression clothing to help their bodies deal with blood flow and muscle recovery from over activity. Acting like another layer of tissue, or as a muscle pump, the compression garment aids in moving fluid and waste from the area of muscle strain. You've likely seen travelers wearing high compression socks or calf sleeves, because compression increases blood flow. In fact, doctors have been using it for years in patients with poor leg circulation and varicose veins. The tight socks help blood vessels to constrict and return the blood up toward the heart instead of that blood pooling in the legs, alleviating swelling and increasing blood flow to the muscles and organs in the rest of the body. 

SUPRIZE....  Introducing your new Dream Garments complete with compression shapewear built inside!  So, you can LOOK as good as you FEEL. What did you say comfortable? Oh, Yes we did! 

Shapewear Compression Shape Control slimming


ITS ALL ABOUT YOU! Compression is the best body shaper you can get for a slimming style underneath it all. Scientifically speaking, the gentle pressure from compression wear releases the chemicals called endorphins that promote a sense of well-being in the wearer.  Psychologically, it increases your attention on you and prompting the adaptive behavior of changing the way you feel about your body. Now who doesn’t want to FEEL GOOD? 

That’s why our clothing, lined with our patented shapewear built in, gives you that FEEL GOOD factor.  When you put on our garments there is a visceral experience, think of your mothers’ hug in every garment. So, not only does it smooth out your curves, lumps and bumps, but the gentle squeeze gives you a feeling of comfort, like a baby in the womb, or a calming “hug” all day long. 

SUPRISE....  Are you following us here? So… drumb roll please…… meet your new best friend…. Introducing the new PG by Paris Gordon. Your dream garments complete with compression Shapewear built inside!  So, you can have it all! Not only will you scientifically FEEL as good as you LOOK you will be comfortable enough to flaunt it too!  Oh yes, comfortable, because our built-in shaper moves with you, without constricting you, no more “squished like a sausage” feeling like other shapewear (Spanx  ). Bend, jump, skip or dance your way thru the day and our liner will support you and stay in place with our silicone lace trim hem too. At PG we thought of everything so all you have to do is enjoy!  Go ahead and grab a HUG from us! 

 Whether swaddling a baby, comforting tired muscles or rocking your favorite PG by Paris Gordon LBD (little black Dress) or PG Top, compression wear is scientifically proven to be your new best friend!

Whether swaddling a baby, comforting tired muscles or rocking your favorite PG by Paris Gordon LBD (little black Dress) or PG Top, compression wear is scientifically proven to be your new best friend!



Shapewear Compression slimming shape


testimonial shapewear slimming compression shape

 Watch the testimonial video linked below and hear what our customers are saying. Each woman tells her story of how our garments "feels so good", “much better than I thought”, because of our propriety construction that moves with you and hugs your body, without constricting like other shapers. Plus, it’s attached, built right in, so you don’t have to go finding a foundation for all your garments again.   

Testimonials:  PG VIDEO :     

Watch our short summary video, then go to our website  to order one… or two and Step into the Magic and FEEL the HUG and Love we put inside our garments with the patented shaping compression attached. Because we want you to FEEL as good as you LOOK!    

With Love,   




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